Cosmetic Dentistry

Enhance Your Smile!

We are pleased to offer a variety of Cosmetic Services to our patients.

Teeth Whitening

Don’t let tooth discoloration ruin your smile. The things that you eat and drink every day affect your teeth. Teeth whitening is a safe, easy and effective way to brighten your teeth to restore that clean, even tooth color that you used to have. Did you know? Some over the counter whiteners can actually damage your teeth? Before you start any whitening program, you should consult your dentist!

Getting married soon? Have a job interview, an important date coming up? A big event you need to attend? Want to look and feel your best? Want to take years off your face and smile? For your whitest teeth and a beautiful smile,The  we offer take home whitening trays that will noticeably whiten your teeth.

A Whiter, Brighter Smile in only 20 Minutes! Iveri In-Office Teeth Whitening

iveri1Get whiter teeth in only 20 minutes!  This light activated technology can get your teeth 2-8 shades whiter in only 20 minutes, with very little sensitivity!

The Iveri solution is:

  • Comfortable: a natural solution that is safe on enamel and sensitive teeth. It actually protects teeth from sensitivity during treatment.
  • The Latest Technology: Blue & Red LED lights enhance the whitening procedure.
  • Affordable & Efficient: save money and time with this solution!
  • Convenient:  in 20 minutes you will notice a remarkable difference.

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Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin wafers of porcelain, about half a millimeter thick (the thickness of a fingernail) that are bonded onto the front of teeth to create a smile makeover. They create a beautiful result. Porcelain mimics a tooth’s structure better than any other restorative material. It is harder than enamel, so it resists wear and tear and can last for many years. Dental artists can manipulate the color and translucency to re-create the look of any tooth. And it resists stain better than tooth enamel. Very rarely will it discolor, unless the surface has been damaged.

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